Melon – Cantaloupe ‘Prescott Fond Blanc


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Cucumis melo

Heirloom. Once our farmers market customers got over the odd look of this cantaloupe and smelled the intoxicating fragrance, they were hooked. This variety is drought tolerant and does well in our short season. They enjoy some drought stress to ripen and take on an intoxicating sweetness and aroma. A prized French melon, these have a squat and ribbed shape with bumpy skin. Their grey/green skin turns straw color when ripe with salmon-orange flesh. Prescott will not slip and is best picked slightly immature and left to ripen on the counter. Documented by Vilmorin in Les Plantes Potageres (1883) and most likely grown in the US as early as 1850s.


Drought tolerant

Approx 25 seeds/pkt


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