Kale ‘True Siberian’


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Brassica napus

Dustin at Stubborn Farm and Burk Beef first received this kale at a seed exchange near Española, NM in the early 2000’s. Since then he has grown it out yearly to seed. Similar in shape and size to “Red Russian” but without the red. On his market farm he would harvest every plant down to the 2-3 newest leaves (small) every week from May-October as semi-baby kale. He says, “I have never given it much attention or water and like an ex-lover…just keeps coming back.” It is tender and delicious raw or always tasty sauteed. It is an incredibly resilient variety that overwinters well and produces seed the next year even though the deer eat it to the ground at 7,000 ft. We have not experienced much damage from aphids, flea beetles, or cabbage moths… Dare we say it’s resistant? It is extremely cold hardy and stays crisp and flavorful all winter. If dipped in cold water post-harvest, will last for several weeks refrigerated. Cows also love it! It rebounds well from being grazed and makes a great forage kale. Fully mature at 55-60 days, baby leaf at 35 days.

Cold tolerant

Pest resistant

Approx 220 seeds/pkt


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