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Soil Amendments

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Deliveries on 1 yard totes of soil and compost to Riverton, WY and surrounding areas

Soil and Compost

All of our soil and compost is made by Paonia Soil Co. in nearby Paonia, Colorado.

The Bomb

Our premier and most popular product, The Bomb contains everything your plant needs to thrive for the vegetative period of growth. The Bomb outperforms competitors’ soils with up to double the yield. We use only the best, all natural ingredients.

We have four different variants in the Bomb Line to fit your growing style. All of these mixes perform quite similarly, will grow at relatively the same rate and have similar amount of nutrients and amendments built into them. The only thing that is different about each of the four ”Bombs” is the base. Original Bomb™ has an all Coco peat base. Sphagnum Bomb™ has an all Sphagnum base. Click the link to see the difference in bases as well as the full list of over 20 ingredients!


Featherweight Champion

Featherweight Champion has a medium level of nutrients. It’s perfect for starting sensitive seeds, and keeping the starts fed. It’s perfect for delicate, low feeding plants like  houseplants, perennials, trees and some other plants. It also works great in situations where you want all the benefits of our amazing compost and mastodon peat but still want to feed liquid nutrients as well.

Just like the Bomb, you can get Featherweight Champion with an all coco peat base, a sphagnum peat base, or a 50/50 blend of the two.


Dynamic Dressing

Dynamic Dressing™ is our higher nitrogen,  fully cured compost blend for fertilizing either by blending or top dressing. Due to the full cure, these composts will never burn your plants and are teaming with beneficial microorganisms. The higher nitrogen and lower phosphorous make this product ideal for allowing beneficial mycorrhizal fungi to get started.  Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers or the work of mixing liquid nutrients.

When used with The Bomb potting soil, simply add a half-inch to the top of your soil when you are ready to feed your plants to provide a perfect time-release feeding every time you water without the hassle of mixing liquid nutrients.

Amino Pro

Two pound tub of soluble organic nitrogen made from soybeans.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 13.62
  • NPK: 13.62-0-0
  • 13.51% Water Soluble Nitrogen
  • 0.11% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • Derived from hydrolyzed soybean protein
  • Organic, Non GMO

Usage Instructions
General Rate of Application is 4-9 lbs/acre or 1-1.5 tsp/gallon of water.


Cut Flower Mix

Full mineralization, consistent pH and optimal drainage are all combined for maximum pigment production.

  • Coco Pro Base: The original mix. Coconut husk peat is the base for this mix.
  • Pro base 50/50: Our most popular mix, this version has half coco peat and half sphagnum peat.
  • Sphagnum Pro Base: For growers who prefer all sphagnum peat.



The first organic, full-spectrum Lawn and Landscape Soil conditioner on the market, specifically designed to increase organic matter which holds water in the soil. Organic matter is critical to improving the texture of clay soil.

  • Organic and safe for pets and people
  • Adds back critical organic matter that is depleted by the use of nitrate fertilizers
  • Radically reduces the water needed to have a healthy vibrant lawn
  • Transforms clay and other native soil into premium top soil
  • The only lawn-specific soil conditioner that contains macro, micro and trace nutrients plus organic matter
  • Highly acidic to help offset Colorado’s alkaline water